Television Production

Electronic News & Corporate Videos:

Standard 15" LCD prompter display with ENG camera

This "Roll-Up configuration" allows for ultra-fast set-up.

Many corporate videos call for the occasional talking head or perhaps an address from the CEO to the shareholders for the annual report.  In these situations our "Roll-Up Configuration" makes for quick setup and breakdown. Since the prompter is supported on it's own rolling stand and "rolled-up" in front of the camera lens, it eliminates the need to mount on the camera's tripod. This setup is perfect for use with small DV cameras or where a lightweight tripod that would not hold the weight of a full size prompter is the only type available. This setup works as long as the subject or camera doesn't have to move through the shot. Because the teleprompter is in front of the lens but not attached to the tripod it only accommodates a limited amount of camera pan and tilt, however zooms still work fine. If you do have to pan the camera or follow the subject, our 12" LCD mount is lightweight and can be mounted on most medium-weight Video Heads and Tripods. If your tripod will handle a Betacam SP it should work fine with our 12" LCD. We also have the 6.4" above the lens LCD screen that is great for those walk-and-talk or hand-held situations.  This is also great for those Run-and-Gun shoots where you need to get 5 setups done in 20 minutes. All of our systems can be battery powered where AC is not available.

Multi-Camera Studio Productions:

Standard 15" LCD prompter display with Studio Camera

This free-standing prompter display is ideal for situations where the talent will not be looking straight into the lens.

For large Studio Pedestal-Mounted Cameras our 14" CRT mounts or 15" LCD mounts accommodate the large diameter Fujinon or Canon Lenses and will mount quickly using our Vinton quick release wedge adaptors. The wedge plates don't have to be removed from your cameras to mount our prompter base plates. Our base plates automatically re-balance the camera to accommodate the weight of the teleprompter.

Our Lightweight 12" LCD mount can work easily on most Jib arms or Remote heads. It can be configured either above the lens (for very wide angles) or with the beam-splitter for direct in the lens eye contact.  Rolling monitors round out the compliment of equipment so eye lines can be controlled when on camera talent needs to talk to each other (instead of directly into a lens).

In studio situations where cameras are run from a central camera control room, the prompter signal can be sent down the Triax camera cable thereby minimizing the cable runs and making for cleaner setup. A prompter signal can be fed to the control room for display on a monitor so the technical director or producer can easily follow the script.

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