Live Speaking / Audience Presentation

The speaker addresses the audience and reads text off of the prompter display

Teleprompting for live speaking is usually where people get up before a large audience and give a speech. These speeches may be televised or filmed, but the speaker is primarily addressing the live audience.

If the speakers are speaking from behind a Lectern we normally use our Podium-Prompts. These are sometimes referred to as "Presidential type" prompters because they are the type seen when the President speaks in public. As seen in the above illustration, this consists of 2 upward facing monitor units with pieces of elevated reflective glass.. To the audience, these appear as simple transparent pieces of glass mounted on slender support rods on either side of the speaker. From the speakers point of view the scrolling script appears superimposed on the glass panels. This allows the speaker to keep their head up and appear to directly address the members of the audience. This is much more preferable than working from a printed script or 3x5 cards placed on the lectern. When speakers are working from a printed script or notes, the audience ends up looking mostly at the top of the speaker's head because they end up locked in the head-down reading position.  With the podium prompters, identical information is scrolling on both pieces of glass and the speaker can turn their attention from one side of the hall to the other maintaining eye contact with people in the audience which makes for a much more effective delivery. The podium prompter's base units are shrouded in a black cloth or a cloth drape can be chosen to match your stage décor to keep them as un-obtrusive as possible. These cloth drapes also prevent the audience from being distracted by seeing the scrolling text on the upward facing displays. This is an important consideration especially in a darkened theatre where projection may be employed. The scrolling text can only be seen by the person standing directly behind the lectern.

If the speakers wish to roam the stage, such as in the case of musical acts, dramatic scenes, or even a hyperactive motivational speaker, another type of display is called into play. In these situations we provide several black 20" monitors positioned either in the footlight area at the edge of the stage or on their own low-profile stands in the area between the front row of seats and the leading edge of the stage. These monitors are facing the performers and are tilted up at an angle so they can be clearly seen by anyone walking around the stage. This setup is used by many big name vocalists who want to roam the stage and have their song lyrics scrolling along at the footlights in-case they need help recalling those words they wrote 20 years ago. Sometimes these "footlight monitors" are augmented with Large 60" rear screen projection monitors placed at the back of the hall or, as in the case of some televised Award Shows, placed at the mid-audience camera positions.

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