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    Courtney, Laurence, and some of the Compu=Prompt staff with 10 of our portable computerized teleprompting systems.  At the time this photo was taken in 1983, these were the world's ONLY portable computerized teleprompting systems!

    ProPrompt's lineage can be traced back to early 1982. That is the year when Courtney M. Goodin and Laurence B. Abrams created the first commercial computer-based teleprompter known as Compu=Prompt®, thereby revolutionizing the teleprompting industry by bringing the speed and flexibility of the computer word-processor to the previously paper-based prompting business.  Compu=Prompt® was marketed world-wide and licensed systems to other prompting service companies located in Australia, Canada, and Europe as well as offices in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Dallas. Systems were sold to the U.S. Government Defense Intelligence Agency, and many international Corporations like I.B.M., J.C. Penny and Rockwell International. Courtney Goodin as President of Compu=Prompt® oversaw operation of the teleprompting services company in Los Angeles and handled all the equipment design and software manufacture.

    In August of 1987 Goodin and Abrams split off from Compu=Prompt's corporate parent company and started their own prompting service company.  This new Company was known as ProPrompt Inc.

    ProPrompt's Hollywood California based Prompting service company continued to use the Atari computer based Compu=Prompt® Software and Goodin's re-designed camera mounted displays. When the IBM based personal computers evolved into a form that could handle the graphically intensive requirements of smooth scrolling large font text, ProPrompt® switched to Telescript of New Jersey's PC-based prompting software.

    Courtney M. Goodin continues to operate ProPrompt Inc's computer based prompting service company from our offices in Hollywood.  Laurence B. Abrams left the company in the late 1990's to form his website design company which can be found at www.abramsnet.com

    We continue to use the Telescript PC software today and have consulted with it's authors to make sure it performed to our satisfaction and incorporated many of the features that we had originated in Compu=Prompt®

    In 2010, Compu=Prompt® was awarded an Emmy for "Pioneering Develpment in Electronic Prompting.  Read about it here.

    ProPrompt® and Compu=Prompt® are a registered trademarks of ProPrompt Inc. A California Corporation.
    Telescript is a trademark of Telescript Corporation of Norwood, New Jersy

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