Film Production

ProPrompt Camera Mounts for Film

CRT and Flat-panel displays easily mount with all 35mm cameras

ProPrompt® has a variety of solutions to suit any type of film production.

This free-standing prompter display is ideal for situations where the talent will not be looking straight into the lens.

 Custom designed

 Ultra-versatile mounting

 Precision-quality mirror

 Quick mount and

 Mounting solutions
     available for virtually
     any camera

 LCD or CRT available

ProPrompt's Camera mounts have been specifically designed to facilitate shooting with 35MM and 16MM Film cameras. Our 15" LCD Camera Mounts are all mounted on their own low-profile un-obtrusive base plates and the monitor/beam splitter is mounted on stainless steel support rods that allow easy adjustment for different length lenses all without having to un-mount the camera.  From short prime lenses to the longest Zooms, our Swing-away mirror beam splitter allows easy access to the front of the lens for filter adjustment, changing lenses or for checking the gate at the end of each setup. Sliding counterweights can be used if needed to achieve perfect balance. However, our 12" LCD camera mount usually does not require any counter weighting for perfect balance with most cameras. Our adjustable height beam splitters do not require any camera riser in order to position the lens in the center of the glass. This helps lower the center of gravity of the camera and allows for much smoother operation without causing the camera to become top heavy at steep tilt angles.

While our LCD based teleprompters are lightweight and less bulky, they may not be the ideal solution for shooting in bright sunny locations like the beach.  For those situations we offer the same ProPrompt 15" Camera Mount with an Ultra High Brightness CRT display in place of the LCD Flat Panel.  This lightweight plastic cased CRT Monitor is more than twice the brightness of the Hi-Brite LCD panels and will be much easier for the talent to read when the ambient  lighting is very bright.  They also are much sharper than LCD displays when displaying fast scrolling text.

Filmed Drama:

Although most dramatic motion pictures do not use teleprompters, there are occasions where one may be called into play.  For example, an actor may have a soliloquy directly to camera or a long dramatic speech before a group of people. In such cases our Rolling Monitors and portable flat-panel displays can be positioned at the proper eye line for the actor and out of the cameras view.  This situation is used sometimes when working with an elderly actor who may have difficulty memorizing lines, or a non-professional who may want one as a security blanket.  We also have provided Video Camera mounted Teleprompters for use on-Camera when the scene involves a Television News show Or Podium or Presidential type setups where an actor portraying a political figure is giving a speech to a large group. Here the teleprompter may work as a functional on-camera prop.

Filmed Commercials:

Commercials are where teleprompters are used most often.  They are especially useful when the spokesperson is directly addressing the Camera. However, they can also be used with off-camera eye lines using rolling monitors.  You might think that a professional actor should easily be able to memorize 30 seconds of copy and deliver it directly into the lens. But what you might not realize is that the wording on most national Television commercials must be very precise. Ad Agencies spend months fine-tuning the wording and even conduct scientific testing to determine what words are more influential. So they tend to be very picky about accuracy when it comes to delivery. There are also Legal considerations directly related to the wording, and that may require shooting 2 or 3 slightly different versions.   When an actor has memorized one version, trying to switch gears and do a slightly altered version can mean many blown takes without the teleprompter there to make sure that the exact wording for  each version is followed precisely.

Filmed Documentaries:

Teleprompters are used frequently in documentary production to accommodate an on-camera host who may introduce segments by talking directly to camera.  The teleprompter allows you move through pages and pages of script some of which will be used as voice-over.  However using the teleprompter removes the problem of noise of turning script pages when recording extensive voice over segments.  ProPrompt's lightweight 7" above or below lens teleprompters can easily be used in walk-and-Talk situations where the camera is hand-held or on a Steadi-Cam. The small display keeps the eye line very close to the lens axis without interfering with the exposure or causing problems by getting in the shot when using extremely wide angle lenses.

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